Crossing Israel border by land is possible through :

Jordan River Crossing in Irbid / Beat She'an

Located 5 km from the Israeli city of Beit She'an,this is the gateway from northern Israel for a trip to Petra.But unless you have made specific plans ahead of time that require you to cross here, it is probably the least convenient and most expensive route between Israel and Jordan.

Prodedure for this crossing : 

You will be required to submit a passport and a receipt for transit fees.An air-conditioned bus takes the passengers from Israeli terminal to the Jordanian terminal. The bus leaves every 25 minutes and the ride costs NIS 5.5

Transit to Jordanian side by bus.

Allenby Bridge

The Allenby Border Terminal is the southern border crossing on the Jordan River.The terminal is situated 5km east of Jericho,approximately 273m below sea level, and is located in the broadest area of the Jordan Valley-about 32 km in width.At 54 minutes drive from Amman, this terminal is the shortest way to travel  between the central cities od Israel & Amman itself. Recently,the Committee for Names has decided to change the terminal's name to "King Hussein Bridge Terminal

Wadi Araba Crossing in Aqaba / Eilat

There is no public transportation to or from the terminal. Passengers may use taxi from Eilat

Once you have arrived, you can expect fairly reasonable border experience.The terminal is not renovated and air-conditioned like the Taba crossing to Egypt,but it shouldn't take more than an hour to cross.

It is strictly forbidden by Jordanian authorities to bring any type of drone into Jordan.Officials may confiscate any drone found on passengers at the border crossing into Jordan.

Please note: All visitors must use a shuttle  bus service for the short walk between the Israeli and Jordanian sides of the border, they will be charged $2 each way (or 1 Dinar or 10 Shekels).